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I AM PRECIOUS I AM LOVED is now available for purchase.

Skylar is an adoptee with two families, that's a lot of love right ? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't so how will she sort any uncertainty?..
To be adopted is a special undertaking, no two stories are the same. Through the eyes of the adoptee there is always a story to tell. Every story starts with emotions, readers will instantly connect with this story.
Created by an adoptee whose also a mother with a blended family, letting children know they are loved and precious is vital. But also allowing children to express their feelings and emotions is key.​

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  • Tacoma, WA born

  • Raised on the east coast

  • Family contains a mixture of birth, adoptive, step and in laws

  • Experienced temporary social services custody, foster care placement and adoption

  • Self published August 22'

  • Reunited with birth mother after 15 years

  • Out of 6 biological siblings, I (Roslyn) was the only one permanently separated

*Hoping to one day to be reunited with my foster family to just say THANK YOU *

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